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DHMI reported (06-Dec-2018) the following traffic highlights:

  • Nov-2018:
    • Passengers: 14.0 million;
      • Domestic: 8.1 million;
      • International: 5.8 million;
    • Cargo, mail and baggage: 280,891 tonnes;
    • Aircraft movements: 145,006;
  • 11 months ended Nov-2018:

fastjet issued (07-Dec-2018) an update on its equity refinancing and open offer, advising completion of the Solenta Aviation subscription letter remains conditional on satisfaction of the GECAS condition, in which the existing leases of two Embraer E190s will be amended. The condition has not yet been satisfied "despite considerable efforts", fastjet said. fastjet has deferred application for the admission of the new ordinary shares and continues to review its current cash requirements. The airline is able to continue operating until 14-Dec-2018, with the headroom available allowing further time to find a solution to the GECAS condition. As of 06-Dec-2018, fastjet held cash balances of USD6.8 million, of which USD6.4 million is restricted cash held inside Zimbabwe. The airline said ongoing discussions with shareholders have been positive, however "there can be no guarantee of a successful outcome". If it is unable to fulfil the condition, the airline's equity refinancing and open offer will not complete and it will be unable to continue trading as a going concern. Directors then "would have no choice but to formally engage insolvency practitioners to explore restructuring options (including administration) and to commence discussions with interested parties for the sale of the business and assets". [more - original PR]

United Airports of Georgia, via its official Facebook account, reported (05-Dec-2018) Georgia's airports recorded a 23% year-on-year increase in passengers in the 11 months ended Nov-2018. Passengers by individual airport as follows:

IATA reported (06-Dec-2018) international passenger demand increased 6.3% year-on-year in Oct-2018, up from 5.1% growth in Sep-2018. Airlines in all regions reported growth. IATA noted the following regional details:

  • Africa: IATA stated the upward trend in passenger demand remains strong, notwithstanding challenges in the economic backdrop of the continent's largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa;
  • Asia Pacific: IATA said underlying passenger demand is continuing to be supported by structural changes, including rising living standards in the region, as well as network changes that stimulate demand;
  • Europe: Demand growth of 7.5% was the strongest of all regions and load factor of 85.2% was also the highest of all regions. IATA stated: "Given mixed signals on the economic situation for the region, it's unclear if the rebound is sustainable";
  • Latin America: The only region to experience a slowdown in growth compared to Sep-2018;
  • Middle East: Recorded the slowest growth among all regions for the seventh time in 12 months. Load factor decreased 1.3ppts to 69.8%, the lowest among all regions. IATA stated: "Carriers have been buffeted by policy measures and geopolitical tensions in recent years, including the ban on portable electronic devices and travel restrictions. However, while volatile, passenger volumes are trending up solidly in seasonally-adjusted terms";
  • North America: IATA said strong momentum in the US economy is helping to drive robust international demand. [more - original PR]

IATA reported (06-Dec-2018) global RPKs increased 6.3% year-on-year in Oct-2018, a rebound from an eight month low of 5.5% growth in Sep-2018. Capacity increased 6.3% and load factor was flat at 81.1%, a record for the month. Director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac commented: "October's healthy performance is reassuring after the slower demand growth in September - some of which was attributable to weather-related disruptions. However, the bigger picture is that traffic growth has moderated compared to earlier in the year, reflecting a more mixed economic backdrop and reduced demand stimulation from lower fares". He added: "Demand for air travel is strong as we head into the holiday travel season. Trade wars and uncertainty around the political and economic impact of Brexit remain concerns but the recent easing of fuel prices is a welcome development". [more - original PR]

Munich Airport announced (08-Dec-2018) president and CEO Dr Michael Kerkloh plans to retire, effective 31-Dec-2019. Dr Kerkloh held the position for 17 years, with milestones including the opening of terminal 2 in 2003, commissioning of the satellite terminal in 2016 and the decision to expand and upgrade terminal 1. [more - original PR]

Avolon announced (07-Dec-2018) an order for 75 A320neo and 25 A321neo aircraft valued at USD11.5 billion, at current list prices. The aircraft are scheduled for delivery from 2023 making the company Airbus' largest aircraft lessor backlog customer. Airbus CCO Christian Scherer commented that the "A320neo family of aircraft is a future-proof asset for investors and airlines alike". [more - original PR]

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR) reported (05-Dec-2018) the following traffic highlights for its airports for Nov-2018:

  • Passengers: 4.3 million, +16.0% year-on-year;
  • Domestic: 2.7 million, +21.4%;
    • Mexico: 1.3 million, +10.7%;
    • San Juan Airport, Puerto Rico: 580,658, +39.3%;
    • Colombia: 824,362, +30.0%;
  • International: 1.5 million, +7.6%;
    • Mexico: 1.3 million, +5.3%;
    • San Juan Airport, Puerto Rico: 68,270, +51.5%;
    • Colombia: 135,957, +15.7%. [more - original PR]

Uganda CAA, via its official Twitter account, stated (05-Dec-2018) Cabinet Minister for Works and Transport Monica Azuba Ntege noted several airlines are planning to commence operations to Uganda in Feb-2019, aligning with the government's resolve to "promote business in the aviation sector". 

Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte reported (05-Dec-2018) the following traffic highlights in Nov-2018:

  • Passengers: 1.8 million, +11.2% year-on-year;
    • Domestic: 1.6 million, +11.6%;
    • International: 204,167, +8.3%.

The company reported domestic traffic increased at all its airports, with the largest increases in Monterrey (+11.8%), Culiacan (+9.1%), Ciudad Juarez (+15.6%) and Chihuahua (+11.9%). [more - original PR]

AirAsia Group signed (06-Dec-2018) a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with Hai Au Aviation and Thien Minh Travel for the establishment of LCC JV AirAsia Vietnam. AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes stated the MoC "reaffirms our commitment to making AirAsia in Vietnam happen". He noted: "AirAsia is already the largest foreign airline group in Vietnam by capacity" and said the start up LCC will accelerate AirAsia Group's plans to expand its network "to connect Vietnam to ASEAN and beyond". [more - original PR]

Boeing released (06-Dec-2018) its annual 'Current Aircraft Finance Market Outlook' study predicting that the financing industry is set to provide approximately USD143 billion in aircraft funding in 2019 and potential to grow to more than USD180 billion by 2023. Other highlights include:

  • Funding for deliveries is expected to be balanced between commercial bank debt and capital markets and cash;
  • Airlines and lessors are expected to have some of their "lowest historical costs of financing";
  • Capital markets continue to grow, bolstered by unsecured borrowing;
  • Aircraft leasing has grown to represent over 40% of in-service commercial aircraft ownership;
  • Export credit agencies remain a small but critical funding source, particularly in the US;
  • More participants and investment in new deliveries and the used aircraft market.

Boeing Capital Corporation president Tim Myers stated: "We continue to see innovations and first-time entrants into the market, providing increased capacity for funding new deliveries as well as pre-delivery payments, mezzanine debt financing and the secondary aircraft market". [more - original PR]