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Below is a sample of the latest news headlines. 1 news briefs have been published for CAPA Members in the past 2 days.

LATAM Airlines Group commented (12-Nov-2019) on operations in 3Q2019, stating that even though currencies across the region remained devalued, capacity adjustments in international routes are improving the pricing environment of operations, especially Brazil-US. Domestic operations in both Brazil and Spanish-speaking markets contributed 10% more ASKs during the quarter. Brazil domestic RASK increased by 24% in BRL and 23% in USD, while in the Spanish-speaking domestic markets RASK showed a 10% decline in USD, mainly as a result of the year-over-year devaluation of local currencies. [more - original PR]

Cape Verde's Government, via its official Facebook account, confirmed (11-Nov-2019) it will complete the sale of the government's 49% state in Cabo Verde Airlines by 31-Dec-2019. The other 51% was sold to strategic partner Loftleidir Cabo Verde in Mar-2019.

CAPA - Centre for Aviation announced (15-Nov-2019) the winners of the CAPA Asia Pacific Aviation Awards for Excellence:

The CAPA Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence are intended to recognise airlines, airports, executives and the wider aviation industry for their strategic leadership and success over the last 12 months, and for helping to propel the whole industry forward. The winners were announced at the CAPA Asia Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit in Singapore. [more - CAPA Awards]

Air Mauritius, via its official Facebook account, announced (14-Nov-2019) a "slight improvement of its operating performance" for Q2FY2020. The carrier stated conditions remain "challenging" and the company has taken "bold steps to review its economic model" during the year. Details include:

  • The airline recorded a net negative result of EUR18.3 million for the quarter, including the impact of implementing IFRS16 accounting standards;
  • Without the impact of IFRS16, losses would have been reduced from EUR2.8 million to EUR1.3 million;
  • Costs decreased 6.4% to EUR132.1 million, mainly due to a reduction in fuel prices, better alignment of capacity to demand, cost reduction initiatives and the entry into service of more fuel efficient A330neo aircraft;
  • Passenger numbers reached 449,327 at a load factor of 81.5%;
  • Number of seats deployed increased "slightly" to 591,514, with a greater focus on short and medium haul;
  • Steps taken in the airline's review include a network review and strengthening of commercial functions.

Air Mauritius stated the economic environment remains challenging in key markets due to political instability and subdued economies.

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) adjusted (12-Nov-2019) the range of capital investments in the outlook for 2019 from between DKK1.8 billion (EUR240.9 million) and DKK2.1 billion (EUR281.0 million) to between DKK2.0 billion (EUR267.7 million) and DKK2.1 billion (EUR281.0 million). Investments include the expansion of terminal 3 airside, the expansion of cooling capacity, widebody capacity expansion, the expansion of Pier E, the establishment of Baggage Factory West and new aircraft stands. CPH will also be investing in non-aeronautical projects. [more - original PR]

VietJet Air member of the board of management Cuong Chu, speaking at the CAPA Asia Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit, said (14-Nov-2019) Vietnam's tourism market is "booming" with both inbound and outbound travel growing about 20% p/a and "domestic travel booming" as well. Mr Chu noted ground travel infrastructure in the country is "very poor", which means that air travel is still the best way to travel north-south in Vietnam. He noted VietJet Air has around a 46% domestic market share.

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reported (14-Nov-2019) sales made by US based travel agencies increased 1.5% year-on-year in Oct-2019 and 2.8% for the first 10 months of 2019. The consolidated dollar value of airline tickets sold so far in 2019 is USD84.4 billion, while the average US round trip ticket price in Oct-2019 was USD506, down from USD509 in Oct-2018. Other highlights for Oct-2019 include:

  • Passenger trips settled by ARC for US travel agencies: 25.4 million, +1.5% year-on-year;
    • US domestic: +2%;
    • International: +0.5;
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) sales: USD6.7 million, +11%;
  • EMD transaction volume: 18%. [more - original PR]

Philadelphia International Airport completed (14-Nov-2019) the USD200 million extension of runway 27L. The five year project included a 1500ft extension to the runway and the construction of several new taxiways. Philadelphia Airport CEO Chellie Cameron stated "the extended runway and added airfield space" will grant the airport "more flexibility in accommodating the newer fleet of aircraft" that are being operated on "international routes to Asia and beyond". The project was funded through a combination of federal and state grants and passenger facility charges. [more - original PR]

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency approved (14-Nov-2019) the air service subsidy programme for 2020. RUB8347.8 million (EUR118.4 million) in federal funds will be allocated in 2020, an increase of 6.4% year-on-year. The additional funding allowed an increase in the number of subsidised routes from 243 in 2019 to 262 in 2020. 21 carriers are participating in the programme and are expected to handle 2.5 million subsidised passengers. [more - original PR - Russian]

Russia's Transport Clearing House confirmed (14-Nov-2019) Russian carriers are forecast to handle 129 million passengers in 2019, an increase of 11% year-on-year. Carriers recorded 99.1 million passengers in the nine months ended Sep-2019, an increase of 11.2%. [more - original PR - Russian]

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport determined (14-Nov-2019) a third runway, constructed on a north-south orientation will provide the greatest benefits to the airport and state of Victoria, and commenced preparing a preliminary draft major development plan for consideration by Australia's Government. Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi reported a third runway is necessary to cater for passenger growth from 37 million p/a to 70 million p/a by 2038. Mr Strambi stated the new runway will increase "a new wave of economic activity for Victoria, as much as an additional AUD16.8 billion per annum to gross state product by 2043". [more - original PR]

Air Italy appointed (14-Nov-2019) Roberto Spada as chairman and director, effective 13-Nov-2019. Mr Spada replaces Francesco Violante in the role. [more - original PR]