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    Recorded at CAPA Live October, 14 Oct 2020

    Interview with Emirates, President, Sir Tim Clark

    Emirates has enjoyed its position as one of the world’s largest airlines and connected almost every region via its Dubai Hub. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has left almost 40% of the carrier’s fleet inactive, including almost all of its famed A380s.

    In this chat with Emirates Airline, President, Sir Tim Clark we get an update on how the airline is performing, plans for reopening routes and bringing its aircraft back into the skies.

    Recorded at CAPA Live October, 14 Oct 2020

    Travel Tech Corner - your next destination

    Johnny Thorsen is the “VP for Strategy and Innovation” for American Express Digital Labs after they acquired Mezi, in January 2018. Prior to joining Mezi in 2017 Johnny was the co-founder and CEO of conTgo, a UK-based startup acquired by Concur in March 2013. Johnny serves as a strategic advisor and board member for multiple startups within the wider travel industry, and is a frequent presenter at travel industry events (physical and virtual). 

    In this session Johnny is joined by TravelScrum, Co-Founder and Chairman, Gene Quinn.

    Join APEX/IFSA CEO Dr. Joe Leader in a one-on-one discussion with APEX VP / Air Canada’s Director of Brand Experience Anton Vidgen as they explore how the airline worked to create a peer-reviewed study COVID-19 likelihood from air travel in only two weeks.

    Join us for a keynote speech from Travelport’s Chief Commercial Officer Jason Clarke; kicking off the session’s discussion subject through sharing some key data-based insights: Recovery perspectives and the role of technology in re-connecting the world.

    Followed by an engaging pan-ecosystem panel discussion exploring recovery alongside of NDC from the point of view of Tye Radcliffe from United Airlines, Alexandra Coughlin from AMEX GBT and Travelport’s own Kyle Moore, as well as taking audience questions.

    Recorded at CAPA Live October, 14 Oct 2020

    Data Knowledge Bank - all things MRO

    Data is at the centre of everything CAPA produces and it our data which sets us apart from the pack. In this informative and educational session, here from some of the key data owners within our business and wider group, as well as a range of special guests.

    Whether it be airline fleet data, a closer look at our new interiors database, airline and airport capacity data or even aircraft values, let us paint a picture with numbers.

    Join us as we talk all things MRO. 

    Recorded at CAPA Live October, 14 Oct 2020

    Aviation Insiders Panel – Aviation returning to the 1930s

    There’s been much talk about the post-COVID industry reverting to the profile of the 1970s, with its reduced traffic levels, the prospect of more active government intervention, smaller networks and higher prices. But in two very important ways the real time frame to compare is the 1930s. There are important lessons to be learned from industry and government behaviour 90 years ago.

    First of all, essentially that all borders were closed to foreign aircraft and permission became necessary even to overfly. Secondly, in the earlier, barnstorming days of aviation the biggest inhibitor of commercial air travel expansion was safety and people were unwilling to embark on such a dangerous mode of transportation.

    • How has this previously unimagined level of disruption impacted the aviation industry?
    • What impact has the closure of borders had on international recovery?
    • How will the industry encourage passengers back into the air?
    • Business and corporate travel will be subdued by a combination of weak economic conditions, employer concerns over duty of care, what impact will this have?
    • The industry profile will change drastically, affected by the reduction in high yield business travel, as airlines disappear or reinvent themselves and as opportunistic new entrants appear. What will it look like?
    • Airports will need to adapt, expensively and innovatively: Are they prepared?
    • Are environmental issues still being addressed and can it impact regrowth?
    • The industry will resort to a greater reliance on loyalty programmes, IT solutions and E-commerce – and partnerships.
    Recorded at CAPA Live October, 14 Oct 2020

    Updates from American Airlines Chairman & CEO

    American Airlines is joining Southwest in experiencing some green shoots in demand, but overall, US airlines continue to face huge levels of unpredictability in their business until a reliable vaccine for COVID-19 can be approved and widely distributed. 

    A full recovery in business travel demand is highly dependent on the development of a vaccine, and as a result, the large US global network airlines are pivoting towards leisure travellers.

    In our exclusive interview with American Airlines, Chairman & CEO, Doug Parker, we explore a range of important topics including managing demand increases vs passenger safety, the pivot towards leisure as business travel vaporises and the performance of the carrier’s major hubs.

    oneworld CEO Rob Gurney joins CAPA Live to talk all things alliances and explore the impact of COVID-19 on its member airlines. oneworld represents some of the most influential airlines around the world and in the current climate working together as a unit seems as important as ever.

    Interestingly, oneworld members are using this downtime to also re-evaluate its carbon footprint announcing members have committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, becoming the first global airline alliance to unite behind a common target to achieve carbon neutrality.

    The alliance’s 13 member airlines plan to achieve this target within the existing environmental framework previously agreed to by governments, including through the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

    The airlines will develop their individual approaches to reach the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, through various initiatives such as efficiency measures, investments in sustainable aviation fuels and more fuel-efficient aircraft, reduction of waste and single-use plastics, and carbon offsets among other measures.

    Canada’s initial travel restrictions have been firmly in place since Mar-2020, and have created challenges for the country’s airlines, adding another obstacle for operators as they work to navigate deeply depressed demand.

     Canadian operators have routinely pushed for the lifting of some restrictions, urging the country’s government to adopt a more science-based approach in managing travel during the COVID-19 crisis. That work to persuade the government to adopt different tactics in managing COVID-19 has resulted in Canada’s two largest airlines aiming to conduct voluntary COVID-19 test trials for passengers; however, it is not clear if those efforts will be successful in changing the government’s stance on quarantine requirements.  

     In this session, hear exclusively from WestJet President & CEO Ed Sims as we explore these important themes.


    The Mexican ULCC Volaris is taking advantage of what appears to be a decent recovery in Mexico’s domestic market. By YE2020 the airline expects demand within the country to reach 65% to 75% of the levels a year ago in 2019, led by the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segment. 

    VFR and leisure passengers make up the majority of Volaris’ traffic, which positions the airline favourably as the market continues to recover. At the same time, competition seems less intense on domestic routes. 

    Before the pandemic Volaris was Mexico’s largest domestic airline measured by passengers carried, and the company continues to be poised to remain the dominant operator within Mexico. Volaris could also take opportunities to expand its presence in Mexico City Juarez International Airport as competitors pull back from the airport. 

    Volaris, CEO, Enrique Beltranena joins us to discuss if the carrier is still on track to meet demand expectations.