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CAPA – Centre for Aviation has been providing industry intelligence since 1990, and is recognised globally as a leading source of aviation news, intelligence and analysis.

CAPA provides a range of options to promote your brand through advertising:

  1. Website advertising
  2. Weekly e-newsletters
  3. Member personalised News Alerts

Expand your profile, enhance your brand and get in front of airline strategists, key decision makers and management with the help of CAPA’s platforms.

CAPA Website


The CAPA website is the main portal for all CAPA members and visitors. Covering all daily News Briefs, CAPA Analysis and Reports, 5,000+ airport profiles, 3,000+ airline profiles and hundreds of supplier profiles, centreforaviation.com is the go-to site for anyone needing to understand the global aviation and supplier market.

To view our website statistics and readership breakdown, request our CAPA Advertising Guide.

Website banners are located on the site homepage, across our News and Analysis tabs and throughout the individual Analysis pieces. Banners are larger in size, inline with content to ensure they are in the visitor’s eyeline and not grouped together onscreen with other ads. The site also features fewer ads on the screen at once to avoid diluting the user’s attention and resulting in a faster page load time.

CAPA Aviation Analyst

Weekly e-newsletter

Aviation Analyst delivers weekly aviation News and Analysis, produced by CAPA’s industry-leading analysts based in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. This weekly e-newsletter covers the latest crucial industry issues as well as detailed analysis of key trends and data.

CAPA Aviation Analyst is distributed complimentary to 20,000+ industry executives across the globe. Its strong readership is unparalleled, ensuring powerful branding and maximum exposure.

Banner ads within CAPA Aviation Analyst are horizontal and inline with content to ensure they are within the viewers eye line and that the reader’s attention is not diluted.

CAPA News Alerts

Personalised email

Combining our News and Analysis, CAPA News Alerts provide CAPA Members a customised email covering industry developments on topics personally selected by the user. Its frequency is selected by the Member and can be sent live, hourly, daily or weekly ensuring the content is regularly updated and relevant.

CAPA News Alerts reach over 4,000 individuals including some of the most recognised names of the global aviation industry, every weekday. Due to the credibility of the message along with the selected News Alerts being exclusive to paying Members, CAPA News Alerts have a high open rate and CTR.

To view our readership breakdown, request our CAPA Advertising Guide.

The CAPA News Alerts feature a horizontal banner, inline with content and not grouped with other ads to ensure they are within the viewers eye line yet and that the user’s attention is not diluted.

Who should advertise with CAPA – Centre for Aviation?

Airlines & Airports

Aiming to increase their awareness among key decision makers of the industry, to attract new or expanded air services

Airport Suppliers

Air traffic managers, ground handlers, airport architects, airport construction teams, catering, duty free and retail and cargo teams


Distribution / GDS, payment systems, airport and airline IT software providers

Fuel, Oil & Energy

Credit and risk analysts, strategic planners, commercial managers, marketing and sales managers

Travel & Tourism

Providers of corporate travel, traveller experience analytics, and destination marketing

CAPA can tailor advertising packages to meet your business requirements. To position your brand in front of the industry leaders, contact us: advertising@centreforaviation.com.