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Brazil's Infraero reported (20-Feb-2018) the following traffic highlights for Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport for Jan-2018:

  • Passengers: 2.0 million, +1.8% year-on-year;
    • Domestic: 2.0 million, +1.8%;
    • International: 16, -33.3%;
  • Cargo: 2378 tonnes, -24.3%;
  • Aircraft movements: 18,735, +6.0%.

According to the CAPA Airport Traffic Database, Jan-2018 marks the 21st consecutive month of passenger traffic growth. [more - original PR - Portuguese]

Grupo Aeromexico reported (20-Feb-2018) the following financial highlights:

  • Three months ended 31-Dec-2017:
    • Revenue: MXN16,842 million (USD887.3 million), +12.1% year-on-year;
      • Passenger: MXN14,277 million (USD752.2 million), +9.9%;
      • Cargo: MXN1200 million (USD63.2 million), +27.6%;
    • Total costs: MXN16,040 million (USD845.0 million), +14.9%;
      • Fuel: MXN4376 million (USD230.5 million), +28.9%;
      • Labour: MXN3254 million (USD171.4 million), +17.8%;
    • Operating profit: MXN802 million (USD42.3 million), -24.6%;
    • Net profit: MXN465 million (USD24.5 million), +81.4%;
    • Passengers: 5.3 million, +4.5%;
    • Passenger load factor: 81.1%, +0.6ppt;
    • Yield: MXN1.388 (USD 7.3 cents), -5.6%;
    • Total revenue per ASK: MXN1.305 (USD 6.9 cents), -2.9%;
    • Passenger revenue per ASK: MXN1.106 (USD 5.8 cents), -4.9%;
    • Total cost per ASK: MXN1.253 (USD 6.6 cents), -0.3%;
    • Cost per ASK excl fuel: MXN0.914 (USD 4.8 cents), -4.1%;
  • 12 months ended 31-Dec-2017:
    • Revenue: MXN61,481 million (USD3239 million), +14.0%;
      • Domestic passenger: MXN21,929 million (USD1155 million), +5.0%;
      • International: MXN30,184 million (USD1590 million), +14.1%;
      • Cargo: MXN4346 million (USD229 million), +29.3%;
    • Total cost: MXN58,371 million (USD3075 million), +15.9%;
      • Fuel: MXN14,992 million (USD789.8 million), +34.1%;
      • Labour: MXN12,224 million (USD644 million), +14.7%;
    • Operating profit: MXN3110 million (USD163.8 million), -12.9%;
    • Net profit: MXN18 million (USD0.9 million), -98.4%;
    • Passengers: 20.7 million, +4.9%;
    • Passenger load factor: 81.5%, +1.2ppt;
    • Yield: MXN1.335 (USD 7.0 cents), -4.3%;
    • Total revenue per ASK: MXN1.257 (USD 6.6 cents), +1.1%;
    • Passenger revenue per ASK: MXN1.066 (USD 5.6 cents), -3.1%;
    • Total cost per ASK: MXN1.224 (USD 6.4 cents), +4.4%;
    • Cost per ASK excl fuel: MXN0.917 (USD 4.8 cents), +0.3%;
    • Total assets: MXN77,011 million (USD4057 million);
    • Cash and cash equivalents: MXN9367 million (USD493.5 million);
    • Total liabilities: MXN64,019 million (USD3373 million). [more - original PR]

*Based on the average conversion rate at MXN1 = USD0.052683 for 4Q2017
*Based on the average conversion rate at MXN1 = USD0.053011 for CY2017

Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) issued (20-Feb-2018) an update on the progress of its 'ease of doing business' initiative that aims to reduce "bureaucratic bottlenecks in government processes and procedures". Details include:

  • CCTV installed at airports to improve security;
  • Three new baggage scanners installed at Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport to replace manual searches;
  • Four elevators fixed at Lagos Airport, with eight aerobridges currently undergoing repairs;
  • Lagos Airport on schedule to finish fixing its central cooling system in the arrival and departure zones;
  • Bathroom facilities at Lagos and other international airports are undergoing maintenance and repair. [more - original PR]

Brazil ANAC reported (20-Feb-2018) domestic market share in Jan-2018 was as follows:

London Heathrow Airport chairman Paul Deighton outlined (20-Feb-2018) the airport's expansion policy ahead of the UK Parliament's Transport Select Committee inquiry into the draft Airports National Policy Statement. Highlights include:

  • The focus should be focused on the delivery of expansion rather than costs. Over recent months there has been considerable debate about how Heathrow expansion will be delivered, with debate focused on costs;
  • Any future expansion proposals must prioritise the needs of local communities, passengers and the national economy;
  • Expansion will be guided by two principles;
    • Ensuring local residents and businesses can benefit from the positive impacts, including jobs and investment, and reducing the negative impacts of Heathrow on local communities;
    • Heathrow expansion to be a central part of the national plan to ensure the UK remains a successful, outward looking trading nation.

Lord Deighton added: "We will consider any new proposal or change which will help us to meet our commitments to our local communities and the country. But, we will always throw out the ones that don't. The interests of our local communities and of the country depend on it". [more - original PR]

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