Patee Sarasin was the CEO of Thailand’s Nok Air from its launch in 2004 until late 2017. He was one of the founders behind Nok and NokScoot, a joint venture long haul low cost airline with Singapore Airlines subsidiary Scoot that launched in 2015. Mr Sarasin is now working to establish a new travel company that will not be an airline but will work closely with airlines. He plans to formally launch the new company in London in Jul-2018, at which time more details about the product and positioning will be announced. Mr Sarasin also gives his views on market conditions in Thailand’s highly competitive airline sector and the future for Nok and NokScoot.

CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

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Canberra: CAPA Canberra Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

The highlights of the summit include the Department of Finance’s keynote on the WoAG’s centralised travel programme, panel discussions on key aviation access issues, and insights on the future of travel mobility.

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US FAA forecast (15-Mar-2018) total cargo RTMs to increase from 39.2 billion in 2017 to 89.6 billion in 2038, an average increase of 3.8% p/a. Domestic RTMs are expected to grow 1.9% p/a and international RTMs 4.7% p/a. [more - original PR

US FAA forecast (15-Mar-2018) the US mainline air carrier passenger jet fleet to increase from 4057 aircraft in 2017 to 5023 aircraft in 2038, an average increase of 1% p/a. The fleet is projected to increase by 2.1% in 2018 at 86 aircraft, driven by an increase in the narrow body fleet. [more - original PR

US FAA announced (15-Mar-2018) domestic mainline passenger real yield, adjusted for inflation, is forecast to decrease from USD0.1389 in 2017 to USD0.1364 cents in 2018, a decrease of 1.8%. FAA forecast domestic mainline carrier real yield to decline at an average rate of 0.4% to USD0.1255 cents in 2038. International mainline real yield is forecast to decrease from USD0.1293 in 2017 to USD0.1286 cents in 2018, a decrease of 0.6%. Thereafter, international real yield declines at a rate of 0.6% p/a, falling to USD0.1141 cents by 2038. [more - original PR

US FAA issued (15-Mar-2018) a forecast for the US aviation market from 2017 to 2038:

  • Revenue passenger miles (RPMs):
    • Domestic: Increase 5.2% in 2018 and grow at 2% p/a through 2038;
    • International: Increase 4% in 2018 and grow 3.2% p/a through 2038;
    • Total mainline air carrier and regional: Increase from 954.6 billion to 1.6 trillion, growing at 2.5% p/a.
  • Enplanements:
    • Domestic: +4% in 2018 and grow 1.7% p/a through 2038;
    • International: +5% in 2018 and grow 3.3% p/a through 2038;
    • Total mainline air carrier and regional: Increase from 840.8 million to 1.28 billion, growing at 2% p/a
  • US mainline carriers:
    • Domestic RPMs: +5.6% in 2018, grow 2% p/a through 2038;
    • International RPMs: +4% in 2018, grow 3.2% through 2038;
    • Domestic enplanements: +5.3% in 2018, grow 1.7% p/a to reach 880.3 million in 2038;
    • International enplanements: +5.2% in 2018, grow 3.3 p/a to reach 188.9 million in 2038. Fastest growing region for international enplanements is Latin America at 3.8% p/a, followed by the Atlantic at 2.6% and the Asia Pacific at 2.5%. [more - original PR]

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport reported (15-Mar-2018) the following traffic highlights for Jan-2018:

  • Passengers: 5.3 million, +3.1% year-on-year;
    • Domestic: 4.6 million, +3.0%;
    • International: 681,029, +3.6%;
    • Low cost carriers: 195,469, +9.4%;
  • Cargo: 72,259 tons, -0.5%;
  • Aircraft movements: 53,120, -1.0%.

According to the CAPA Airport Traffic Database, Jan-2018 marked the airport's highest January passenger numbers since 2005. [more - original PR]

Ukraine's State Aviation Administration reported (15-Mar-2018) the following traffic highlights for Ukrainian airports in the two months ended Feb-2018:

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