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CAPA Iran Aviation Summit: The not-to-be-missed event of 2016


(Tehran, 2 October 2015)  CAPA – Centre for Aviation, the leading global provider of aviation research, data and analysis, is excited to announce a unique global leaders’ summit for 2016, with the launch of the CAPA Iran Aviation Summit which will take place in Tehran on 24-25 January 2016. This will be the first major international aviation summit to be held in Iran in almost 40 years and is provided with the full backing of Iran’s aviation authorities and industry leaders.

As a result of the signing of the historic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in Jul-2015, Iran’s civil aviation sector, and its tourism industry, are set for significant modernisation and expansion following the expected lifting of sanctions in the months ahead. The CAPA Iran Aviation Summit will bring together Iran’s key government and industry leaders with international experts and the chiefs of aviation operators and suppliers from around the world to discuss the direction of the industry in a post-sanctions environment.  

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CAPA LCC Airports Congress 2015

LCCs now account for more than one in four airline seats worldwide, whereas within Southeast Asia close to three in every five seats are now produced by LCCs. In virtually every region worldwide, LCCs are the growth engine within the airline business. But the airports they serve were often built in a very different era. As a result,there is commonly a mismatch between airport infrastructure, technology and services and the contemporary needs of LCCs. Airport managers and government regulators can also lack insight into the drivers of the LCC business model. Meanwhile, there are different types of LCCs, as many adopt the features of their full service counterparts and ‘hybridise’.

This one-day Summit aimed to help bridge the gaps in awareness that exist between the stakeholders - to help create the conditions for a win-win in Asian aviation and beyond.

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