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China Southern Airlines, now with 600 aircraft, has a weak 1H2014 and faces new challenges

2-Sep-2014 7:40 PM

In Aug-2014 China Southern Airlines reached a group fleet of 600 aircraft. Asia’s largest airline is now about to face a number of new problems, none individually large, but collectively unwelcome: its first direct LCC competition with 9 Air launching at China Southern’s home of Guangzhou, pushes from the government for expensive long-haul routes and managing subsidiary Xiamen Airlines’ entry into long-haul markets with 787s, the first of which it received on 31-Aug-2014.

The challenges may seem overstated: international routes are still a small fraction of China Southern’s capacity while LCC inroads will be gradual. But the impacts can be disproportionately large, and account for the difference between a profit and a loss. These are untested waters for China Southern, and it enters in a weak position having achieved a 1H2014 operating margin of only 1.5%. At the net level, exchange losses pushed the airline into the red.

Malaysia Airlines restructuring: cost cuts must be deep to improve short-haul competitiveness

2-Sep-2014 1:42 PM

AIRLINK aviation charity group spearheads an airlift for the Ebola Virus outbreak in Liberia

1-Sep-2014 5:00 PM

All Nippon Airways acquisition of Skymark and its A380s would be difficult but with upside for both

1-Sep-2014 4:42 PM

Malaysia Airlines restructure will need partners - perhaps Etihad, BA, Finnair or Qatar Airways

1-Sep-2014 9:15 AM

Brazil’s domestic aviation market remains stable despite macroeconomic uncertainty

30-Aug-2014 6:48 PM

Virgin Australia FY2014's loss aggravated by short haul international operations; FFP a new strength

30-Aug-2014 12:36 AM

Scoot CEO Update

Scoot prepares to take delivery in Nov-2014 of its first 787, which it sees as a game changer as it ushers in a new level of efficiency and enables the launch of new medium-haul routes. At about the same time Scoot plans to launch its joint venture in Thailand with Nok Air.

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