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Cambodian aviation's surge in airline start-ups as Chinese traffic drives rapid growth

24-Jul-2014 10:20 AM

Cambodia’s aviation market continued to grow rapidly in 1H2014 despite political instability in neighbouring Thailand and weaker demand from its largest source market, Vietnam. But Cambodia has been able to take advantage of the turmoil in Thailand and the sudden unpopularity of Malaysia by successfully marketing itself as an alternative destination to Chinese tourists. With Cambodia's liberal airline policy, investors are using the opportunity to establish locally in order to serve the China market from the other end of the route.

Visitor numbers from China are up about 20% so far this year, making Cambodia an exception to the overall slowdown in China-Southeast Asia tourist traffic. The Cambodia-China market is expected to continue booming in 2H2014 as more flights are launched, including new charter flights operated by at least two Cambodian start-ups backed by Chinese investors.

The total Cambodian aviation market grew by about 10% in 1H2014 with both of the country’s main airports, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, recording similar growth. The growth rate represents a slowdown from 2012 and 2013 but is impressive given other Southeast Asian markets have seen bigger slowdowns so far this year, and in some cases contractions.

Colombia aviation enjoys a rational supply-demand balance even with VivaColombia’s ample growth

23-Jul-2014 9:51 PM

The ‘Aerotropolis EMEA’ Conference report. Part 2: Strong political leadership needed

23-Jul-2014 6:22 PM

Myanma Airways ATR 72-600 and Air Mandalay MRJ90 orders further escalate battle for Myanmar market

23-Jul-2014 2:38 PM

Airline invasion of the US: Gulf airlines extend into the west, Chinese airlines grow in the east

22-Jul-2014 7:56 PM

Taking the Sale Act out of Qantas - a one-off opportunity missed as amendment fizzles out

22-Jul-2014 2:12 PM

Malindo Air to resume international expansion in 4Q2014 with more capacity to India and Thailand

22-Jul-2014 1:00 PM

What Makes the Ideal Airline CEO?

Do CAPA's World Aviation Summit delegates agree with the experts?

At CAPA’s World Aviation Summit in Amsterdam in Nov-2013, delegates were asked what they considered to be the key characteristics that an airline CEO should possess. Included in the responses were words such as vision, decision-maker, innovative, charismatic, leadership, communications, focus, passion, adaptability, discipline, entrepreneur. Delegates were also asked to nominate who they considered to be the best airline CEO ever.

In the fiercely competitive airline market place, the airline CEO needs an almost impossibly broad range of skills. Is it reasonable to expect to find all these qualities in one person? How important are the other executives and the board of directors to a CEO? A panel session at the Summit, led by CAPA Executive Chairman Peter Harbison, discussed these and a range of other issues that touch on what makes the ideal airline CEO. Who were the panellists’ nominations for best airline CEO and did Summit delegates share their views?

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