Preliminary operating statistics for the 3rd quarter 2018

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Preliminary operating statistics for the 3rd quarter 2018

AirAsia Group Berhad is pleased to announce the operating statistics for the 3rd Quarter of the Financial Year 2018 ("3Q18").

AirAsia Group Berhad Consolidated AOCs[1] posted a load factor of 82% year-on-year, down 5 percentage points as a result of significant capacity increase and 10% Available Seat Kilometres ("ASK") growth in order for AirAsia to continuously grow its market share and to meet travel demands.

Malaysia recorded a 9% increase year-on-year in ASK, whilst passengers carried grew by 7% to 7.98 million. Load factor decreased 4 percentage points to 83% year-on-year as a result of tighter competition during the leaner quarter.

Indonesia grew 11% year-on-year in seat capacity to 1.50 million, while passengers carried was up by 5% to 1.24 million pax. Indonesia still managed to achieve a steady load of 82% despite a chain of natural disasters.

Philippines on the other hand recorded a 23% growth in passengers carried year-on-year, while seat capacity increased by 34% over the same period leading to a 6 percentage points decrease in load as a result of vigorous capacity expansion in order to grow its pie and strengthen its market presence.

AirAsia Thailand reported a load factor of 81%, lower by 4 percentage points year-on-year resultant from a seasonally leaner quarter, coupled with tighter competition and a slowdown in Chinese tourists due a temporary negative sentiment from the Phuket ferry incident. In spite of that, number of passengers carried during the quarter was up 4% year-on-year to record 5.12 million pax.

AirAsia India carried 1.60 million passengers in 3Q18, a significant increase by 36% compared to the same quarter in 2017. Load factor was reported at 76%, down by 9 percentage points year-on-year as a result of aggressive capacity addition, in line with our plans to start flying international in 2019.

AirAsia Japan achieved a load factor of 89% in 3Q18, 10 percentage points increase quarter-on-quarter. Passengers carried recorded a 41% jump quarter-on-quarter to 81,144 pax.

[1] AirAsia Group Berhad Consolidated AOCs refers to AOCs whose financial and operational results are consolidated for financial reporting purposes and these are namely the Malaysian, Indonesian and Philippines AOCs.

3rd Quarter 2018 Operating Statistics

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This press release was sourced from AirAsia on 26-Oct-2018.