6-Dec-2010 9:43 AM

European airports still affected by adverse weather

European airports reported cancellations and delays over the weekend as snow continued to interrupt operations (Reuters/UK-Airport-News.info, 02-Dec-2010/AFP/Bloomberg, 03-Dec-2010/Bloomberg, 04-Dec-2010):

  • UK/Ireland:
    • Bournemouth Airport: reopened at 14:00 on 02-Dec-2010 after being closed since 11:00 on 01-Dec-2010 (Bournemouth Echo, 04-Dec-2010);
    • Dublin Airport: fully operational on 03-Dec-2010, but warned of some delays and cancellations (BreakingNews.ie, 03-Dec-2010);
    • Edinburgh Airport: reopened at 16:00 on 02-Dec-2010;
    • Glasgow Airport: warned passengers of some delays and cancellations due to weather conditions at other airports;
    • Guernsey Airport: expected to reopen at 12:00 on 03-Dec-2010;
    • Humberside Airport: reopened on 03-Dec-2010;
    • Ireland West Airport Knock: advised passengers of a number of cancellations and flight diversions for 03-Dec-2010. [more]
    • London Gatwick: reopened on 03-Dec-2010, after round-the-clock work to clear snow and ice from runways and taxiways. The airport warned passengers should expect further disruption, with flights limited and delays and cancellations inevitable. The airport cancelled around 1200 over the 48 hours its was closed. CEO Stewart Wingate stated the airport usually handles around 70,000 passengers per day around this time of year; [more]
    • London Heathrow: operating as normal, but warned of delays and cancellations due to disruptions at other airports;
    • London Luton: announced (05-Dec-2010) it is fully open and operational, but warned severe weather in other regions/countries is still affecting some arriving and departing flights. [more]
    • Manchester: announced (05-Dec-2010) it is operating normally. [more]
    • Manston: announced (05-Dec-2010) it is open for business as usual. [more]
    • Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield: reopened earlier than expected on 05-Dec-2010 (BBC News, 05-Dec-2010). The airport had been closed on and off since 30-Nov-2010;
  • Continental Europe:
    • Amsterdam Schiphol: delayed a number of flights on the morning of 04-Dec-2010 (People’s Daily Online, 05-Dec-2010);
    • Athens Airport: Olympic Air announced (04-Dec-2010) delays to its Athens-Amsterdam service and cancellation of some Athens-Leros and Leros-Kos flights. [more]
    • Berlin airports: Lufthansa cancelled a number of flights to/from Berlin on 02-Dec-2010;
    • Eindhoven: cancelled and delayed a number of flights on 04-Dec-2010;
    • Frankfurt: stated operations are running smoothly with “no disruptions to aviation” on 04-Dec-2010. The airport cancelled 44 flights over the day, due to problems at other airports;
    • Lyon: resumed operations;
    • Munich: warned of continued cancellations and delays on 03-Dec-2010. The airport cancelled about 100 flights on 02-Dec-2010;
    • Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly airports: operating normally;
    • Rotterdam: temporarily closed on 04-Dec-2010;
    • Warsaw Chopin: announced (05-Dec-2010) some flights to/from the airport may be delayed on 06-Dec-2010. [more]