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Airline ancillary revenue up 21% in 2011

24-Jul-2012 11:35 AM

IdeaWorksCompany and Amadeus jointly released (23-Jul-2012) their airline ancillary revenue report for 2011, showing airline ancillary revenue increasing by 20.6% year-on-year to EUR18.2 billion (USD22.6 billion). 2011 results were based on ancillary revenue from 50 carriers while 2010 results were based on ancillary revenue for 47 carriers. Southwest replaced Emirates for a place in the top 10 carriers in terms of total ancillary revenue. Details include:

Amadeus: “We’ve seen the industry move swiftly to grasp some clear opportunities for providing ancillary services, such as baggage fees, extra legroom and on-board catering. The next wave of innovation in ancillary services will come from those airlines which develop new products that support their brand positioning and deliver value to the traveller by meeting their individual needs and preferences,” Holger Taubmann, senior VP distribution. Source: Company statement, 23-Jul-2012.