8-Jan-2013 9:55 AM

Infraero highlights investments at various airports around the country

Brazil's Infraero announced (07-Jan-2013) highlights of its investment in airport upgrades around the country:

  • Natal Augusto Severo Airport: BRL16.4 million (USD8 million) terminal renovation and expansion, including new departure and arrival halls, 12 new check-in counters and new restrooms;
  • Vitoria Eurico Sales Airport: Expansion of departure lounge, new seats, new flooring and ceilings and new flight information system;
  • Campina Grande Joao Saussuna Airport: BRL145,000 (USD71,000) accessibility upgrades;
  • São Luis Marechal Cunha Machado Airport: BRL13.2 million (USD6.5 million) terminal upgrades;
  • Goiânia Santa Genoveva Airport: New snack bar, rest room, panoramic apron viewing area and vehicle parking area upgrades;
  • Florianópolis Hercilio Luz Airport: New heating and air conditioning system;
  • Rio de Janeiro Galeão International Airport: BRL374,000 (USD184,00) investment in new fire station and gate check-in equipment;
  • Boa Vista Airport: New BRL1.6 million (USD789,000) fire station;
  • Palmas Airport: BRL124,000 (USD59,000) baggage system upgrade;
  • Altamira Airport and Fortaleza Pinto Martins Airport: BRL21 million (USD10.3 million) runway revitalisation and runway lighting improvements;
  • Bagé Airport, Macae Airport, Ponta Parã AirportCuiaba Marechal Rondon Airport: Runway revitalisations;
  • Londrina Airport: runway revitalisation and parking area upgrades;
  • Curitiba Afonso Pena Airport: Runway revitalisation and BRL12.7 million (USD6.2 million) vehicle parking area upgrade, resulting in 225% increase in available spaces;
  • São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport: New BRL85.7 million (USD42.2 million) Terminal 4, increasing airport capacity from 25.9 million passengers p/a to 31.4 million passengers p/a;
  • Brasilia International Airport: Expansion of departure lounge at north satellite terminal, increasing area to 902sqm and adding two new gates. [more - original PR - Portuguese]