Beond Flies First Commercial Passenger Flight from Munich to Maldives

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Beond, the world’s first premium leisure airline, began commercial service last night with a night flight from Munich, Germany to Malé, Maldives. The flight departed on time. Beond’s first aircraft caught the eye of many at Munich airport, with its stunning dark-coloured livery and subtle copper accents. The airline will fly twice weekly from the capital of Bavaria to Maldives.

“With our first revenue flight, Beond has arrived. We were delighted to welcome our first guests on board. The flight is the start of their adventure to the beautiful Maldives and represents the starting line of our vision to build Beond as a luxury travel brand,” said Tero Taskila, CEO of Beond. “Beond seeks to redefine the skies, where luxury, comfort, and exclusivity are not just ideals, but realities experienced by every traveller.”

Taskila added: “We wish especially to thank the Munich Airport for their support for our inaugural flight and activities, and we thank the leading German travel agencies and media who met us in person and saw our product. We are thankful for the support of the government of Maldives and our supporters there, the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority, and SIMDI Group, each of whom have demonstrated belief in our vision for a new airline in Maldives.”

"We're delighted that Beond selected Munich Airport as its first European origin,” added Oliver Dersch, Munich Airport’s Senior Vice President Aviation.

The commercial service launch continues a very successful week for Beond. At the Dubai Airshow, Beond showcased its sophisticated first aircraft to assembled dignitaries, show attendees, and global media. The aircraft was then flown to Munich, where it was warmly greeted on arrival at the Munich Airport. German travel agents and media toured the aircraft in Munich before the first commercial passenger flight — with each guest receiving a tasty traditional gingerbread heart cookie. Later this week, service begins from Zurich and Riyadh. Service from Dubai and Milan begins in Spring 2024.

Beond’s first aircraft is an Airbus A319 seating 44 passengers in a luxurious all lay-flat configuration. The airline will bring passengers to Maldives from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

This press release was sourced from Beond on 16-Nov-2023.