Airport shares mixed on Monday. Traffic performance reflects regional differences

Shares in China’s Shenzhen Airport were up 0.6% yesterday. Passenger traffic at the airport rose 5.1% year-on-year in Jan-2010 to 2.2 million, while aircraft movements increased by 6.1% year-on-year in Jan-2010 to 18,200.

Shenzhen's cargo volumes soared 60.0% in the month to 58,300 tonnes. UPS has commenced operations of its new Asia Pacific hub at Shenzhen Airport, which should trigger even higher growth rates in the coming months.

Shenzhen Airport’s traffic report is featured in today’s edition of Airport Business Daily, which also includes the following traffic highlights, showing mixed results, reflecting differences in regional economic recoveries:

In Europe, airport stocks were also mixed yesterday – Venice rebounded (+1.9%), Zurich gained (+0.5%), Fraport and Vienna closed higher (+0.3% and +0.2%, respectively), while Copenhagen (-0.4%), TAV (-3.3%) and BAA parent, Ferrovial (-2.3%) continued to fall. See related report: GIP selling off Gatwick by the pound – is that what the airlines expected?

Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 08-Feb-2010