Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation releases new ATM Monthly report for a new era

Press Release

(Sydney: 16 March 2008) The Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation is pleased to announce the release of its latest regular monthly subscription report, Air Traffic Management Monthly (ATM Monthly).

"This first issue of ATM Monthly appears as the world enters a new and uncertain era. After a decade of strong global economic conditions, a slowdown is imminent; and the aviation industry is about to undergo a transformation. The pressure for new directions for air traffic management will mount proportionately", said Peter Harbison, Executive Chairman of the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation.

The first edition of ATM Monthly, suggests, "we are probably on the cusp of an economic downturn which could be significant and last well into 2009". As a discretionary expenditure item at the mass-market level, aviation is one of the industries most sensitive to economic fluctuations, which will have an impact on air traffic managers globally. This is occurring as we embark on revolutionary changes in aviation regulation.

Key headlines (of the 40 in total) in the latest edition include:

Some themes covered in the new ATM Monthly report include the shortage of skilled resources and congestion of airport and ATM infrastructure.

"Delays are back in the headlines in North America and Europe after another strong year of passenger traffic growth. In both regions, airport infrastructure is severely stretched and often the main cause of delays. But inadequate ATM funding in the US and an arcane European airspace management "system" are increasingly in the firing line.

"Airports and airlines are increasingly shifting the blame to airspace management, as part of intense lobbying efforts in both continents for urgent reforms to ATM infrastructure. This is not such a bad situation for the ATM providers and suppliers, as hoped-for action by the politicians should deliver fresh investment in the sector", observes ATM Monthly.

Meanwhile, the environmental responses to global warming are quickly impacting on aviation and air services and will have a potentially dramatic impact on aircraft movements within the next five years, especially in Europe. New air navigation systems and technology are being introduced, as documented throughout the ATM Monthly report, which may partially offset some of these problems.

About ATM Monthly

Covering global ATM developments (including latest technology, contracts, regulatory developments, financial/budget and traffic news and analysis), ATM Monthly will provide the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation's interpretation of key global trends, backed by our extensive information resources in key emerging markets.