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Ryanair returns to Manchester

27-Jan-2011 3:58 PM

Ryanair announced plans to increase its presence at Manchester Airport, with the launch services to Alicante, Faro, Madrid and Tenerife from 14-Apr-2011 and increasing frequencies on its Dublin route from four to six times daily (BBC, 26-Jan-2011). The airline will also launch Humberside-Alicante services from 12-Apr-2011, its first from the airport, which is also owned by Manchester Airports Group. Ryanair will compete with easyJet, and Monarch on Manchester services to Alicante, Faro and Tenerife, but is the only airline operating to Madrid. The news marks a turnaround at Ryanair, which has avoided expansion at Manchester due to airport charges. CEO Michael O’Leary stated the new management team “recognised the airport has lost out to rivals in the past”, adding that “if all goes well we could connect Manchester to our other bases in Spain and the western Mediterranean in the future”.