8-Mar-2012 11:37 AM

Qatar Airways announces five new routes and details of summer schedule

Qatar Airways announced (07-Mar-2012) details of five further route launches over a six month period from May-2012 - see Route Changes Table for more information. The carrier plans to launch services to Erbil in May-2012 and Baghdad in Jun-2012. The carrier plans to add service to Kilamanjaro from Jul-2012, its second destination in Tanzania. Belgrade service will be added in Sep-2012. The carrier will resume Yangon service in Oct-2012, after suspending the route four years ago. In addition, Qatar Airways announced an expansion to its dedicated freighter services with four new routes: Karachi, Seoul, Johannesburg and Muscat, to be phased in from 26-Mar-2012. The carrier currently operates a fleet of six freighters to 33 destinations worldwide. Qatar Airways is also stepping up the number of flights across its network in phases from 25-Mar-2012, the beginning of the Northern Summer flying schedule:

  • Asia:
    • Kuala Lumpur: Increased from 14 to 17 weekly frequencies
    • Jakarta: Increased from seven to 10 weekly frequencies.
  • Europe:
    • London Heathrow: Increased from 28 to 35 times weekly;
    • Milan: Increased from 11 to 14 weekly frequencies;
  • North Africa:
    • Algiers: Increased from seven to 11 weekly frequencies;
    • Cairo: Increased from nine to 12 weekly frequencies;
  • Gulf region:
    • Kuwait: Increased from 42 to 55 weekly frequencies;
    • Muscat: Increased from 24 to 31 weekly frequencies;
    • Abu Dhabi: Increased from 35 to 42 weekly frequencies. [more - original PR]