Minister for Infrastructure and Transport The Hon Darren MP: New air services arrangements establish

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04-Jul-2017 New air services arrangements established with Italy, Greece and Cyprus

  • Airlines now able to offer new and extended passenger services to Europe, with new air freight service opportunities also in the offing—strengthening Australia's links with Europe

The Australian Government has settled new air services arrangements with Cyprus, Italy and Greece, providing exciting opportunities for strengthening Australia's trade and tourism ties with Europe.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said the new arrangements were part of the Government's plan to expand Australia's aviation footprint in the region.

“In settling revised air services arrangements with Italy, the Australian Government has delivered on an outcome long sought by the Australian aviation industry,” Mr Chester said.

“Australian airlines now have the ability to significantly expand existing code share operations to Italy, as well as an opportunity to start weekly freight services between the two countries.

“Travel between Australia and Italy has been growing strongly for a number of years and it is important that our airlines can share in that growth. More than half a million people travelled between Australia and Italy last year, so the benefits for our trade and tourism industries is obvious.

“The revised air services arrangements with Greece provide even greater flexibility for Australian and Greek airlines. In addition, each country's airlines will now be able to operate an unlimited number of freight services between Australia and Greece.

“The expanded arrangements with Greece deepen the already close bilateral relationship we share.

“The new arrangements between Australia and Cyprus mean that, for the first time, the airlines of both countries can start operating services between Australia and Cyprus, either using their own aircraft or via code share with other airlines.

“The Agreement further strengthens bilateral relationships between our two countries, and will enable increased tourism and trade opportunities.”

Over the past 12 months the Australian Government has concluded a number of other new air services arrangements, most notably with China, Taiwan, Israel, Peru, Fiji and Kiribati.