A trio of Travelport Trip Assist wins across three continents

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Travelport (NYSE: TVPT), the leading travel commerce platform, today announced a trio of new agreements with travel agencies in the UK, the Middle East, and Singapore to deploy Trip Assist, Travelport’s mobile app for agencies.

The new agreements come after the successful launch of Trip Assist and will give the customers of UK-based Omega Travel Limited, the United Arab Emirates-based Cozmo Travel, and Singapore-based Pegasus Travel a personalized service at their fingertips wherever they are on their journey.

Trip Assist provides agencies with a fully branded mobile engagement solution that enables them to support, engage and connect with their travellers at every stage of their journey. Incorporating smart itinerary management capabilities and the ability to create agency defined messages; Trip Assist empowers agencies to build stronger relationships with travellers. For travellers, Trip Assist is a personal digital travel concierge service that provides day of travel assistance, real-time trip alerts and click to call agent support.

Dr. Mingliang Chen, Chairman of Omega Travel, commented: “We are delighted to pioneer this new mobile technology in Europe which will extend our engagement with today’s hyper-mobile travellers. We are confident that Travelport’s innovative mobile technology will bring our agency brand to life via mobile and help win new business.”

Jamal Abdulnazar, CEO of Cozmo Travel, commented: “Our customers are increasingly moving to mobile first and therefore we wanted a mobile platform to keep our customers engaged at every stage of their journey. Trip Assist provides us with a Cozmo Travel mobile app that lets our customers enjoy the ease of digitally managing their entire-journey as if one of our agents is sitting in their palm, ready to help.”

Charles Tan, Managing Director of Pegasus Travel Management, commented: “We are happy to be the first user of Trip Assist in Asia. Mobile has significantly transformed our customers’ travel experiences and we strive to constantly provide more contextual information and better engagement to them, in a hassle-free manner. Travelport has been a great technology partner and we look forward to growing our business through further collaborations with them.”

Niklas Andreen, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Global Hospitality and Digital at Travelport added: “Mobile done right, allows agents to move from passive itinerary management to being a true proactive partner of the travellers throughout their journey. Travelport is proud to be working with such pioneering travel agencies as Omega Travel, Cozmo Travel and Pegasus Travel Management on redefining the role of the travel agency through mobile engagement.

This press release was sourced from Travelport on 01-May-2018.