CAPA Asia Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

Singapore, Singapore
7-8 Nov 2017


09.00 Chairman's Welcome
09.05 Keynote Q&A with BOC Aviation, CEO & MD, Robert Martin and CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison [Download Presentation]
09.30 Network Planning Masterclass: New aircraft = new routes and new markets. Is it that simple?

For network planners, a whole new generation of city pairs is now becoming possible. Few experts saw this coming. Just a few years ago the thought of a 180-seat aircraft flying for seven hours was not on the horizon; and the arrival of the 787-9s and A350s with the capability to fly 18 hours has totally changed the horizon for network planners.

In Asia, the combination of (1) smaller – but still very efficient – narrow and small widebody long haul aircraft; and (2) new cities whose populations are maturing economically, means that multiple new route permutations become possible. These deliver greater efficiencies for smaller airports and don’t need to occupy scarce slots at congested airports, instead flying point to point.

Provided Asia’s governments remain relatively liberal, this has the potential to open up a whole new range of city pairs, with highly positive outcomes for regional economies.

  • What are the characteristics of these possible new routes?
  • How fast will it happen? – when do the new aircraft arrive/who will be flying them?

Moderator & Introduction: ForwardKeys, CMO, Laurens van den Oever [Download Presentation]


  • Aeroflot, Director General, Director Strategy & Alliances, Giorgio Callegari
  • Hong Kong Airlines, Assistant Director Commercial, Michael Burke
  • OAG, Regional Sales Director JAPAC, Mayur (Mac) Patel
  • Uriel Aviation Holdings, Vice Chairman, Andrew Cowen
10.30 Coffee Break
11.10 Keynote: ANA, President & CEO, Yuji Hirako [Download Presentation]
11.30 Keynote: Turkish Airlines, CCO, Ahmet Olmuştur [Download Presentation]
11.50 Outlook on Saudi Arabia: flyadeal, CEO, Con Korfiatis [Download Presentation]
12.05 The evolving China Market - Domestic and International

In the past three years, China’s airlines have made major inroads internationally. With a strong domestic base and many secondary and tertiary cities with large populations, the potential for market growth and the opportunities for Chinese and foreign airlines is immense.

  • How are China’s airlines growing and on which routes?
  • Will they become major international network airlines?
  • How large will China’s LCCs become?
  • AirAsia is to form the first cross border JV? Will there be more?
  • What impact on incumbent international airlines?
  • Will the domestic market keep growing?
  • Which secondary and tertiary city markets to watch?

Moderator: CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison


  • National University of Singapore, Professor of Aviation Law, Alan Tan
  • Uriel Aviation Holdings, Vice Chairman, Andrew Cowen
12.40 The VIPs are coming! Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines: China's not the only growth market

Foreign airlines have been disproportionately present in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. But now airlines from those countries are increasing in number, size and scope. Full service airlines are changing and improving their product, there are new airlines and operators are enlarging their presence and extending their reach. From a greater presence in short haul markets to non-stop North American services, what other growth is available? What are the impacts to the airlines that have relied on the VIP markets?

Moderator: National University of Singapore, Professor of Aviation Law, Alan Tan

  • CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Chief Analyst and Southeast Asia Chief Representative, Brendan Sobie [Download Presentation]
  • Cebu Pacific, Chief Executive Advisor, Mike Szucs
  • Jetstar Pacific, COO, Les Stephens
13.20 Lunch and Conference Close