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Tourism-dependent Maldives welcomes new airline, MEGA Maldives


The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of Sri Lanka and straddling the equator, is a nation of just 395,000 people. It is home to a few small airlines: Maldivian Airlines, the country’s government-owned national carrier; start-up carrier MEGA Maldives Airlines and a couple of charter seaplane companies, Trans Maldivian, flyme and Maldivian Air Taxi, which operate from the seaplane port next to Male’s International Airport - the nation’s sole international airport - to resorts throughout the country. [2244 words]

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  • Maldivian Airlines – a small national airline
  • MEGA Maldives Airlines launches service in 2011; planning further expansion
  • The Maldives has bilaterals with at least 28 countries
  • Male International Airport reveals new design for facility

Graphs and data:

  • Maldives map
  • Maldives visitor arrivals: 2001 to 2010
  • Maldives visitor arrivals growth by region in 2010
  • Maldives visitor arrivals breakdown by region: 2010
  • Maldivian fleet profile: Jul-2011
  • Maldivian top 10 domestic routes (seats, 25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • Maldives to China (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 15-Jan-12)
  • Maldives’ Air Service Agreements  
  • Maldives capacity (seats per week, to/from/within) by carrier (25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • Maldives capacity (seats) share by carrier type (25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • Maldives international capacity (seats) by region (25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • Maldives fleet breakdown for aircraft  (in service at 25-Jul-2011)
  • Maldives fleet breakdown by manufacturer for aircraft (in service at 25-Jul-2011)
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