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Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency continues airspace modernisation with new contract


Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA) awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Europe-based subsidiary, Park Air Systems, a multi-million dollar contract to provide an integrated air-ground radio for VHF and UHF communications throughout Serbia and Montenegro in early Aug-08. The agreement follows on from a previous contract awarded to Park Air Systems in 2002 for Air Traffic Management (ATM) VHF and UHF communications systems. [842 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Reforming Serbia and Montenegro airspace
  • Funding the upgrades
  • The future: more costs and continued reform

Graphs and data:

  • Belgrade International Airport passenger traffic: 2001 to 2007
  • European ANSP costs per composite flight hour: 2006
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