London Heathrow has record day in Jun-2010, Ferrovial gains: Airport Share Wrap

UK’s NATS released its traffic report for Jun-2010, reporting a 1.4% year-on-year reduction in air traffic for the month to 198,063 flights in UK-controlled airspace.

While the figure is still in the red, traffic is showing signs of a recovery, taking into account the airspace closures related to Europe’s volcanic ash crisis and British Airways cabin crew strikes. For the six months ended Jun-2010, aircraft movements declined 7.5% year-on-year to 997,592, also indicating signs of a traffic recovery for the month of Jun-2010. See CAPA profile page on NATS

During the month, London Heathrow Airport reported a record day of 1,385 aircraft movements, according to NATS. Overall, aircraft movements in the London Area Control were down 1.4%, while London Terminal Control reported a 3.1% decline.

Shares in Ferrovial, investor in BAA, closed 2.3% higher on Friday.

See CAPA profile page on Ferrovial Aeropuertos

Meanwhile in Europe, shares in Hochtief added 2.4% on Friday, Aeroporto Toscano gained (+2.2%), Zurich closed higher (+1.6%), Aeroports de Paris climbed (+1.3%), while TAV Airports (+0.9%), Copenhagen (+0.7%), Aeroporto de Venezia (+0.6%) and Vienna (+0.3%) were up less than 1.0%.

Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 09-Jul-2010