BAA successfully places Class B bond; Moscow Vnukovo increases airline charges

UK's unlisted BAA announced it has successfully placed a GBP400 million Sterling Class B bond, with a 2018 maturity and a fixed annual interest coupon of 6.25%. The company generated an initial order book of more than GBP1 billion and was able to price inside initial price guidance at 375 basis points over gilts. BAA plans to use the proceeds of the bond issue to refinance part of its existing bank debt, lengthening the group's debt maturity profile.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Federal Tariff Service (FTS) increased Moscow Vnukovo International Airport airline charges.

  • Take-off and landing charges: increased by 7% to EUR3.92 (RUB154.10) per ton;
  • Parking charges: 5% against the take-off and landing charge per hour (for passenger aircraft parked more than three hours after landing and freighter aircraft parked more than six hours after landing);
  • Security charges: increased by 16% to EUR3.54 (RUB139.40) per ton;
  • Domestic terminal charges: EUR1.16 (RUB45.50) per passenger, or EUR1.91 (RUB75.00) for international services;
  • Passenger handling charge: EUR3.23 (RUB127.00) per passenger for domestic services, EUR3.66 (RUB144.00) for international services.

Other European airport operators that lost ground yesterday included Zurich (-1.2%) and Aeroporto di Venezia (-0.1%). Meanwhile, Fraport (+1.9%) and Gemina (+2.1%) shares gained.

Abertis shares gained 4% on Wednesday (01-Sep-2010) after Actividades de Construccion & Servicios SA and CVC Capital Partners Ltd agreed to hold their stakes in Abertis for at least three years.

Selected airports daily share price movements (% change): 01-Sep-2010