CAPA to release the leading annual outlook for India’s complex aviation market

Press Release

CAPA's Annual India Aviation Outlook is keenly anticipated by the industry each year as the leading analysis of the direction of one of the world's most important emerging markets. CAPA has a strong and established track record in accurately identifying key trends and developments in the Indian market, both on an annual and long term basis. We operate India's leading dedicated aviation advisory and research practice offering unrivalled analysis and data across the value chain.

  • CAPA's Annual India Aviation Outlook is a highly anticipated analysis of the Indian aviation market.
  • The report provides forecasts for traffic, capacity, yields, and profit and loss projections for each carrier.
  • It covers strategic plans, capital raising prospects, and aircraft financing plans of domestic airlines.
  • The report also discusses international strategy, network plans, and performance of Indian and foreign carriers.
  • It provides insights into airport modernization programs, greenfield airport development projects, and regulatory issues.
  • The outlook for ancillary sectors such as maintenance, repair and overhaul, business and general aviation, cargo and logistics, and ground handling operations is also included.

Our India Aviation Outlook is used by the leading industry players to shape their strategies and decisions in the market. The 2013/14 edition will be released on 31-Mar-2013 and will cover the following:

Forecasts for 2013/14

  • Traffic, capacity and yields;
  • Profit and loss projections for each carrier;
  • Fleet induction plans and expected new orders.

Domestic Airlines

  • Strategic plans of all scheduled airlines;
  • Outlook for full-service and low-cost business models in India;
  • Capital raising prospects and aircraft financing plans;
  • Prospects for foreign airline investment in Indian carriers and likely impact on the sector;
  • CAPA risk assessment of airline finance and operations;
  • Prospects for new entrants, particularly regional airlines.

International Airlines

  • International strategy and network plans of Indian carriers;
  • Performance of and prospects for foreign carriers;
  • Impact of the liberalisation of foreign airline investment on bilateral policy;
  • Prospects for codesharing between Indian and foreign carriers;
  • Scenarios for global alliances in the Indian market;
  • Implications of the expected approval for foreign carriers to launch A380 services.


  • Status of airport modernisation programmes;
  • Greenfield airport development projects;
  • Expected developments with airport charges and their impact on fares and traffic;
  • Regulatory settings at the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority;
  • Investment in air traffic management infrastructure;
  • Prospects for the corporatisation of air navigation services;
  • Financial analysis of the leading airport operators.

Regulatory Issues

  • Expected direction of the New Civil Aviation Policy;
  • Status of the formation of the Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Outlook for economic regulation of airport charges and airfares.

Outlook for Ancillary Sectors

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul;
  • Business and general aviation;
  • Cargo and logistics;
  • Ground handling operations;
  • Skills and training.

Access to the insights provided by CAPA's India Aviation Outlook is invaluable for any business with interests in Indian aviation. This 100+ page report will be released on 31-Mar-2013. A 50% discount applies for orders and payments received by 10-Dec-2012, resulting in a special price of just USD1,995. To order simply download and return the attached form. For additional information contact:

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