AIRPORTS AND UBER: Transportation Network Companies now more welcome at airports

This unique CAPA reports presents information on Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), their modus operandi and how they are evolving globally – especially in their relations with the airport sector.

The results of a new CAPA survey into airport attitudes to TNCs are also communicated, along with a catalogue of recent news items collated by CAPA which gives insight into some of the issues that airports are dealing with in their relations with the TNCs.

The speed at which the TNC business is evolving and disrupting mirrors the changes in travel modes more widely, including independent direct airline reservations and self-connection through airports, and online home-space reservation for business and leisure rentals as characterised by airbnb.

These new players in the travel business know that what applies in the air transportation sector applies equally to them: there is a big reward for being the biggest in a market because the service with the most passengers and drivers tends to be more economically efficient. Therefore huge investments, multiple product variations, alliance-forming for cross border activities and M&A activity can all be expected to increase in intensity.

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Publication Date: Oct-2016

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