Airport Finance & Privatisation Review 2018

This 186-page document is the eighth in a series of reports on airport privatisation and investment published by CAPA and the first since Sep-2016. The report picks up on events since the beginning of 2017, in some ways a turning point for airport privatisation activities, and looks to the future.Commentary and data may be found, inter alia, on who the main players and rising stars are; the number and type of transactions and their values; public-private partnership transactions (P3s or PPPs); the continuing increase in international funds investing in the sector; the prospect for IPOs; the disproportionate impact of exogenous events on the sector; and the likelihood of individual transactions taking place.The second part of the report looks at ongoing, completed, anticipated, and abandoned transactions on a country-by-country basis within a continental framework and within the context of economic and political activity where appropriate. There are Special Reports on airport privatisation in the United States, Brazil, Japan, Serbia, Spain, Japan, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Throughout the report the text is supported by CAPA’s renowned graphical representations.

Price: USD 1,495.00