Airline Sustainability Benchmarking Report 2021 - Business Travel Edition

The CAPA-Envest Airline Sustainability Benchmarking Report 2021 is the first industry single source of truth on emissions, benchmarking airlines and their performance

Corporate travel procurement increasingly will be decided not just on traditional metrics, including price, airline network, schedule, flexibility, and loyalty rewards, but also on the stated sustainability strategies of airlines and the demonstrated outcomes of decarbonisation commitments.
To ensure that a company’s sustainability objectives are also supported by the actions of travel suppliers including airlines, it is critical that corporate procurement divisions have access to meaningful and detailed performance data from airlines to demonstrate not only the existence of sustainability strategies, but also demonstrated actions and
evidence of outcomes.
This report, jointly prepared by CAPA - Centre for Aviation (CAPA) and Envest Global (Envest), is designed to highlight some of the core elements of sustainable aviation, methods of quantifying individual airline sustainability credentials, and carbon emissions by journey, to assist corporations in identifying the travel suppliers most closely aligned to their own sustainability ambitions.

Key facts about the Report

  • 50 page report
  • Benchmarking of 52 airlines and their reported emissions for 2019 and 2020
  • 8 Figures/graphics and analysis showing the most important airline comparisons for pre-COVID 2019.
  • Insights into global corporations’ decarbonisation strategies and implications for corporate travel reduction

Why Travel Managers need this report, the data is contains and what you can do with it

  • Provides relevant and credible reporting metrics to support traveller’s/ corporates’ own emission targets/objectives
  • May guide and influence future buyer behaviours sector and opportunities for partnering programs, joint investment with airlines
  • Provides a broader industry benchmarking tool at a more micro level to that available via other sources.
  • Supports travel managers who are under pressure from internal ESG / sustainability teams for provision of reliable data for current emissions, but also for defining and implementing an ongoing program for reduction of the carbon emission footprint generated by the travel program.

Want to know more?

CAPA/Envest are holding dedicated Travel Manager virtual training sessions to delve deeper into airline sustainability
benchmarking. To learn more or book your spot contact CAPA at info@centreforaviation.com.
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