Air-Rail Report: Air-Rail Developments

Conflict usually invokes the tendency to respond with either ‘fight or flight.’ The competition between air and rail as travel modes, at least over short distances and often driven by the demands of environmental considerations, shows no signs of abating and frequently verges on confrontation. What this report asks, fundamentally, is this. Is there a better alternative for those disparate modes, let us call it ‘fight or co-operate?’

It seems there is. There are already known to be over 600 designated air-rail links with another 200 planned.

This report does not attempt to catalogue every functioning and proposed air-rail link, though many of the main ones will be found here. Rather, it is more concerned with how the air-rail industry has developed, how it continues to do so and with ‘what’s new’ in the business.

Possibly the most comprehensive single report on this subject it ranges over critical subject areas such as intermodality and sectoral collaboration; interaction with airport city development; ‘low cost rail’; historically unsuccessful links; and the skills required to build air rail links. And most importantly – who pays?

Covering developments on each continent, the report includes four highly relevant case studies: Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport, London Luton Airport, Los Angeles airports (general) and the Western Sydney Badgerys Creek airport.

The report is USD795 for non CAPA members, with a discount price for CAPA members of USD495.

Format: PDF on receipt of payment

Extent: 112 pages

Publication Date: June-2017

Price: USD 795.00