Aerotropolis Report: The world’s top 10 airport city projects and attendant aerotropolises

The concept of the airport city is now 25 years old and there are many examples of it around the world. It is one of a cluster of economic activity that is related to the need to travel by air, congregating around an airport (airport city) and subsequently expanding along nodes into surrounding areas (aerotropolis).

This report looks at what are considered to be the 10 leading examples of airport cities and aerotropolises and summarises the various factors and influences that apply to them.

It concludes by examining the commonalities where they can be found, asks why airport cities have not grown up in two cases where they rightly should have, questions the role of the private sector in their development and looks at the social and economic arguments against them.

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Extent: 91 pages

Publication Date: Mar-2017

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