19-Feb-2010 9:15 AM

United Airlines adds service in 13 cities

United Airlines announced (18-Feb-2010) plans to launch Summer and year-round services linking regional and holiday destinations with its Chicago, Denver and Washington hubs, from 09-Jun-2010.  [more]

  • Chicago services:
    • Anchorage, until 25-Sept-2010,
    • Maui, until 14-Aug-2010,
    • Billings, MO*, until 23-Aug-2010,
    • Kalispell, MO*, until 30-Aug-2010,
    • Missoula, MO*, until 30-Aug-2010,
    • Jackson Hole, WY, until 30-Sept-2010.
  • Denver services:
    • Anchorage, until 30-Aug-2010,
    • Traverse City, MI*, until 23-Aug-2010
    • Minot, ND*, year-round
  • Washington Dulles services:
  • Los Angeles services:
    • Bozeman, MO*, until 23-Aug-2010
    • Jackson Hole, WY*, until 23-Aug-2010
    • Aspen, CO*, until 23-Aug-2010
  • San Francisco services:
    • Anchorage, until 23-Aug-2010 
    • Bozeman, MO*, until 03-Nov-2010
  • *Operated by SkyWest
  • **Operated by Trans State Airlines