17-Mar-2010 1:35 PM

South African Airways denies price collusion with other airlines

South African Airways and partner airlines, SA Airlink and SA Express denied collusion charges to a South African Parliamentary Committee investigation into price collusion ahead for the World Cup in Jun-2010, launched by the Competition Commission (AFP, 16-Mar-2010). Other airlines involved in the investigation include Comair, 1Time and Mango, which have all denied price collusion.

South African Airways:SAA has at no time held discussions with competitors in regard to FWC pricing. SAA has since fully cooperated with requests from the Competition Commission at all times, including handing over required documents and correspondence relating to the World Cup following a summons for these. SAA is not charging a distorted or unfair premium, but one that attempts to cover increases in operating costs,” Chris Smyth, Acting CEO. Source: AFP, 16-Mar-2010.