7-Dec-2010 10:28 AM

Scottish and UK airports continue to be affected by snow

Snow continued to affect operations airports in UK and Ireland on 06-Dec-2010 (AFP/Bloomberg/BBC News/Reuters, 06-Dec-2010):

  • Belfast City Airport: announced (06-Dec-2010) delays and cancellations were being experienced; [more]
  • Cardiff Airport: announced (06-Dec-2010) some flights to/from the airport are experiencing delays due to fog. [more]
  • City of Derry Airport: closed for the day;
  • Dublin Airport: stated operations may be disrupted if weather conditions further deteriorate;
  • Edinburgh Airport: announced (06-Dec-2010) it closed at 09:15, but reopened just before 18:00. The airport had been closed for the past three days. Bus services to/from the airport were also suspended. [more]
  • Glasgow Airport: reopened at 14:00, but expected to delays for the remainder of the day;
  • Inverness Airport: remained closed until 12:00;
  • Ireland West Knock: announced (06-Dec-2010) a number of flights within Ireland and to the UK have been diverted, delayed or cancelled; [more]
  • London City Airport: reported some delays and cancellations in the morning due to fog (UK-Airport-News.info, 06-Dec-2010);
  • London Gatwick Airport: stated most flights are operating as normal;
  • London Heathrow Airport: stated most flights are operating as normal;
  • Newcastle International Airport: announced (06-Dec-2010) its approach to the severe weather conditions has ensured that the airport has remained open for 92% of the time since the intensive snow showers began on 24-Nov-2010; [more]
  • Wick Airport: remained closed