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Ryanair announces reduction in services to Morocco

29-Jun-2012 11:28 AM

Ryanair announced (28-Jun-2012) the cancellation of 34 weekly frequencies to/from Morocco due to a dispute with ONDA, the Moroccan Government's airport authority. ONDA reportedly reneged on an agreement the LCC "by imposing a new monopoly handling company on Ryanair which would have resulted in a massive increase in charges for the airline". After ONDA refused to guarantee Ryanair the continuation of cost levels of its original agreement, Ryanair decided to reduce its services to Morocco. Nador will see reduction of eight weekly frequencies, six at Fez, eight at Marrakech, four at Tangier and closure of operation at Oujda (eight weekly frequencies). Ryanair deputy CEO Michael Cawley said the airline's Moroccan service reductions will result in the region's loss of 100,000 tourists annually and loss of EUR50 million annually in tourism expenditure and jobs. [more - original PR]