26-Sep-2013 11:43 AM

Nordic Aviation Capital reports profit growths in FY2013

Nordic Aviation Capital reported (25-Sep-2013) the following financial highlights for 12 months ended 30-Jun-2013:

  • Revenue: USD421.9 million, +51% year-on-year;
  • Profit from ordinary operating activities: USD204.4 million, +63%;
  • Operating profit: USD143.7 million, +51%;
  • Profit before tax: USD65.9 million, +16%;
  • Cash: USD125.6 million, increased by USD53.7 million. [more - original PR]

Nordic Aviation Capital: ”We are quite satisfied with the development of our business, especially with the good international relations that we have established with a handful of foreign banks this year, among others in the USA, where we have raised a 5-year unsecured loan of USD230m,” Kim Graven-Nielsen, CEO. Source: Company statement, 25-Sep-2013.