10-Dec-2010 10:58 AM

Jet Airways most profitable Indian airline in FY2009

India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation reported (09-Dec-2010) the following financial highlights for the nation’s airlines for the year ended 31-Mar-2009:

  • Operating revenue*:
  • Operating costs:
    • National carriers: USD4610 million;
    • Private scheduled carrier:
      • Jet Airways: USD2783 million;
      • JetLite: USD453.7 million;
      • Kingfisher: USD1621 million;
      • SpiceJet: USD468.9 million;
      • GoAir: USD128.7 million;
      • Paramount Airways: USD76.4 million;
      • IndiGo: USD411.0 million;
  • Operating profit (loss):
    • National carriers: (USD1252 million);
    • Private scheduled carriers:
      • Jet Airways: USD24.2 million;
      • JetLite: (USD99.6 million);
      • Kingfisher: (USD455.7 million);
      • SpiceJet: (USD95.2 million);
      • GoAir: (USD48.5 million);
      • Paramount Airways: USD6.3 million;
      • IndiGo: USD4.0 million;
  • Long-term debts:
    • National Aviation Company of India Ltd: USD7678 million;
    • Jet Airways: USD3513 million;
    • JetLite: USD267.3 million;
    • Kingfisher: USD1045 million;
    • SpiceJet: USD7.3 million;
    • Paramount Airways: USD72.2 million*;
    • IndiGo: USD84.2 million. [more]

*Based on the conversion rate at USD1 = INR45.215

**Amount reported against long-term obligations under capital leases