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Japan to ease rules on international charters from Haneda

1-Oct-2010 11:19 AM

Japan's MLITT reportedly plans to loosen rules on sales of tickets for US charter flights at Haneda Airport and cargo charters across Japan, to boost tourism and attract LCCs (Nikkei, 01-Oct-2010). The deregulation will reportedly come into effect at the end of Oct-2010. International charter services will be allocated up to 10,000 landing and departure slots p/a at Haneda or around 10 services per day, while restrictions on ticket sales by airlines will be lifted on charter services to/from the US (including Hawaii and Guam), with rules to be relaxed in the future on charter services to other destinations. The Government will also reportedly loosen restrictions on the number of seats that can be sold at regional hubs on charter services to markets that are still regulated.