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Heathrow Airport reports 0.3% rise in Aug-2009 pax numbers

11-Sep-2009 11:48 AM

UK’s BAA reports (10-Sep-09) the following traffic highlights in Aug-2009:

  • Passenger Numbers: 14.4 million, -3.1% year-on-year;
  • Cargo volume: 134,431 tonnes, -7.5%;
  • Aircraft movements: 108,604, -5.2%;
    • Heathrow: 39,621, -3.0%;
    • Gatwick: 25,031, -3.5%;
    • Stansted: 15,436, -7.3%.

BAA: “Heathrow’s traffic performance in July and August was good. The airport benefits from being the hub of a strong international route network, which is important both socially and economically…However, industry conditions remain difficult.  A continuation of the improving trend at Heathrow depends on business travellers re-establishing face-to-face contact with global markets," Colin Matthews, BAA’s Chief executive, Source: BAA, 10-Sep-2009.