29-Oct-2009 12:58 PM

Germanwings predicts eventual demise of Ryanair model; but believes downturn will benefit LCCs

Germanwings CEO, Thomas Winkelmann, has predicted the eventual demise of the Ryanair model, due to its inability to attract the corporate market (travelmole, 28-Oct-2009). He also criticised Ryanair’s aggressive approach to airport negotiations. Mr Winkelmann stated the economic downturn has provided the right growing conditions for most LCCs, adding that Germanwings is in a good position, making in-roads into the UK market and not being financially pressured by over-ordering aircraft.  

Germanwings: “I think the Ryanair model is coming to an end. The more Ryanair flies to a destination, the more losses taken by the airport and the local tax payers won't stand for that,” Thomas Winkelmann, CEO. Source: travelmole, 28-Oct-2009.