10-Dec-2010 10:06 AM

European airports continue to report delays and cancellations

Continental European airports were forced to cancel and delay operations on 09-Dec-2010, as snow continued to affect operations (Associated Press/The Local, 09-Dec-2010):

  • France:
    • Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly: returned to normal operations on 09-Dec-2010 after severe weather related delays. Air France was forced to cancel certain short and medium-haul flights from the airports; [more]
    • Berlin Schoenefeld and Berlin Tegel: forced to cancel a third of flights during the day. More than 200 flights cancelled;
    • Frankfurt Airport: announced (09-Dec-2010) it was closed between 22:09 on 08-Dec-2010 and 02:17 on 09-Dec-2010. The runway system is now fully operational. The airport cancelled 415 flights by midday on 09-Dec-2010, with the airport warning of further delays and cancellations. Fraport AG stated the cancellations were due to the services not receiving clearance from other airports where weather-related delays had resulted in capacity restrictions; [more]
    • German airports: The association of German airports warned airports are running low on de-icing fluid since snow began falling in the country in Nov-2010 (Earth Times, 09-Dec-2010). Some airports are having difficulties restocking the fluid, as the small number of suppliers cannot keep up with demand;
  • Poland: