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easyJet announces ten new routes for 2010

25-Nov-2009 11:47 AM

easyJet announced (24-Nov-2009) plans to introduce a further ten routes to its network in 2010, as the carrier adds six new A319s to its fleet in the New Year (for a total of 185 aircraft) - see Route Changes Table for more information. The addition of the ten new routes will increase easyJet's network to 449 routes, across 112 airports in 28 countries. Details of the new routes are as follows:

  • Paris-Helsinki: Daily from 08-Feb-2010; 
  • Paris-Catania: Three times weekly from 09-Feb-2010; 
  • Paris-Agadir: Four times weekly from 09-Feb-2010; 
  • Milan-Casablanca: Six times weekly from 11-Feb-2010;
  • Milan-Agadir: Three times weekly from 11-Feb-2010; 
  • Milan-Oporto: Five times weekly from 12-Feb-2010;
  • Stansted-Cagliari: Daily from 28-Mar-2010; 
  • Manchester-Helsinki: Four times weekly 28-Mar-2010; 
  • Milan-Malta: Three times weekly from 30-Mar-2010;  
  • Liverpool-Malta: Twice weekly from 13-Jun-2010. [more]