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Competition Appeal Tribunal upholds decision requiring BAA to sell Stansted Airport

2-Feb-2012 7:56 AM

UK's BAA has lodged (01-Feb-2012) an appeal with the Competition Appeal Tribunal against the UK Competition Commission's requirement to sell London Stansted Airport. The appeal tribunal was conducted on 05/06/07-Dec-2011 and the final decision, announced on 01-Feb-2012, concluded BAA was not successful and the original decision made by the Competition Commission to sell Stansted should be upheld. In response to the decision, BAA said: "We are disappointed by the decision of the Competition Appeal Tribunal which we will now carefully consider before making any further statements." The Competition Commission said it would now "press ahead to ensure that this is followed promptly by the sale of Stansted Airport, to the benefit of passengers and airlines." Ryanair meanwhile welcomed the decision after four years of delays and appeals. [more - original PR - BAA] [more - original PR - UK Competition Commission] [more - original PR - Ryanair]