22-Jul-2010 11:27 AM

Bombardier lifts forecast for 2010-2029 to 1,280 aircraft

Bombardier released (21-Jul-2010) its Commercial Aircraft Market Forecast for 2010-2029, which forecasts demand for the 20 to 149-seat commercial aircraft to reach 1,280 new aircraft during the 20-year period, an increase of 400 units from its 2009 forecast. The forecast delivery demand is valued at USD612 million. The aircraft manufacturer upgraded its GDP growth rate forecast from +3.0% in 2009 to +3.2%. Details include:

*Excludes China and India

Bombardier: "Emerging market opportunities in China, India and other developing regions should provide a powerful impetus to the global industry's recovery ... China's fleet of 20 to 149-seat commercial aircraft will become the third largest, closely behind Europe and the US," Company statement, 21-Jul-2010.