22-Apr-2010 9:28 AM

Airport updates

Airport and related businesses responses:

  • gategroup estimated (21-Apr-2010) an operational impact on revenue and EBITDA to be approximately EUR14.7 million and EUR5.6 million, respectively. The company remains adequately funded and, with the exception of this unprecedented one-time impact of the volcano effect, at this stage remains confident in its 2010 outlook guidance of an EBITDA margin of 7.5% to 8%; [more]
  • Swissport International expects (21-Apr-2010) losses of up to EUR10 million as a result of the recent disruptions. [more]
  • UK:
    • East Midlands Airport Managing Director, Penny Coates, stated the disruption cost the airport GBP100,000 per day (UK-Airport-News, 21-Apr-2010);
    • London Heathrow Airport rail link, Heathrow Express, announced (21-Apr-2010) it extended its service to a 24 hour operation on 21-Apr-2010 to ensure that passengers affected by the flight restrictions can make it to and from the airport; [more]