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AirAsia X drops plans for Manchester due to tax

26-Oct-2010 10:47 AM

AirAsia X reportedly suspended plans to launch Kuala Lumpur-Manchester service due to the UK Government’s plans to increase its Air Passenger Duty (APD) (Airwise, 25-Oct-2010). Manchester Airport's Head of Government and Industry Affairs, Brian Conway, stated the carrier had been in talks with the airport for “many months” but chose to launch services to Paris Orly Airport instead due to the government tax being too high. UK Transport Secretary Philip Hammond responded stating the government is aware it is making UK airports and airlines more highly taxed than competitors, but it needs to meet its twin goals of cutting the deficit and meeting aviation growth while also meeting climate change targets. He added the government has started developing a new national aviation policy, to be introduced by the end of 2012. Mr Hammond said the new policy would encourage growth at regional airports.