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Air Southwest sale won't affect operations

27-May-2010 10:52 AM

Sutton Harbour Holdings announced plans to sell Air Southwest, after the carrier’s operating profits fell by GBP600,000 in 2009, to allow Sutton to focus on its core activities such as the operation of Plymouth Airport (BBC News/, 26-May-2010). Meanwhile, Air Southwest announced (26-May-2010) Sutton's plan to sell the carrier will have no impact on Air Southwest customers or routes. [more]

Sutton Harbour Holdings:We recognise the importance of Air Southwest to Newquay and Plymouth and the far South West. We want to give it an opportunity to blossom in hopefully a safe pair of hands that will look at developing services if at all possible." Nigel Godefroy, Managing Director of Air Southwest. Source: BBC News, 26-May-2010.