13-May-2010 8:49 AM

Afriqiyah Airways' A330 crashes from on Johannesburg-Tripoli flight

South African Civil Aviation Authority has released (12-May-2010) details of an aircraft accident in Libya. The Afriqiyah Airways aircraft on flight 8U771 took off from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport on 11-May-2010 at 19:30 local time and was scheduled to land in Tripoli on 12-May-2010 at 04:30 local time. The aircraft was an Airbus A330 carrying 93 passengers and 11 crew members. According to the Civil Aviation Regulations the nation of occurrence becomes the investigating body. Therefore the Libya Civil Aviation Authority will be investigating the accident. [more - South African Civil Aviation Authority] [more - Afriqiyah Airways] Afriqiyah Airways confirmed (12-May-2010) the death of 103 passengers, as per the information received from the Libyan authorities. Only one survived the accident (a Dutch child). The passenger’s nationalities are as follows:

  • Dutch: 58;
  • South African: 6;
  • Libyan: 2;
  • Austrian: 2;
  • British: 2;
  • German: 1;
  • Zimbabwean: 1;
  • French: 1;
  • Unknown: 19;
  • Libyan crew members: 11. [more]