Viva Aerobus Configures Flights 100% Focused On Cargo

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In order to adapt to current demand and meet the needs of the health emergency following the outbreak of COVID-19, Viva Aerobus temporarily configured 10 Airbus A320 passenger aircraft to perform flights 100% freighters.

Each aircraft, taking advantage of the space in the cabin (seats) and lower compartments (hold) reaches a capacity of up to 19 tons of cargo. Currently, the airline transports all types of cargo to and from Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Mérida, Tijuana, San José del Cabo, Cancún and soon to Ciudad Juárez, Culiacán and Oaxaca.

"We want to respond to the needs of the airline industry by supporting supply chains and assisting households in Mexico, so that supplies, products, medicines and humanitarian aid continue to fly through the Mexican skies and reach their destinations as soon as possible" , stated Juan Carlos Zuazua, General Director of Viva Aerobus.

Viva Aerobus entered the cargo transport market at the end of 2019, a service it provides through the supplier Aerocharter, the company responsible for the entire shipping process, contemplating customer service and sales.

Individuals and companies can quote and contract the service to the indicated cities, and with the possibility of reviewing other destinations upon express request, at the different shipping points and customer service phone numbers that they can identify on the Viva Cargo website: https://www.vivaaerobus.com/mx/volar-con-viva/viva-cargo o enviar su petición al correo: ventas@aerocharter.com.mx

This press release was sourced from Viva Aerobus on 16-Apr-2020.