Tourism NZ: Over 7 million Brazilians taken on New Zealand journey

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18-Apr-2017 Cult Brazilian travel show Lugar Incomum has dedicated eight episodes entirely to New Zealand.

In total, a whopping 12 hours of New Zealand footage will be screened to over 7,200  million people in Brazil over eight weeks.  

The crew, including the host, Brazilian superstar Didi Wagner visited New Zealand late last year and spent 20 days experiencing Christchurch, Queenstown, Wellington, Rotorua, Waikato and Auckland

Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand partnered to support the production.

“We are very excited about the coverage New Zealand will gain from the airtime. It’s hard to comprehend that a Brazilian audience almost twice the size of New Zealand’s entire population will see the show,” says Bjoern Spreitzer General Manager Americas and Europe.

“The coverage alone is worth over $2 million in advertising dollars, but the real value of reaching this many people and on such a highly regarded show is priceless.  

Tourism New Zealand took full advantage of the show’s airtime and built a significant marketing campaign around it including amplified advertising in Brazil featuring the show’s host Didi Wagner.

Brazil is a market showing steady growth and with direct flights to New Zealand now arriving three times a week from nearby Buenos Aires with plans to extend, the region has really opened up.”

“Since the route started in December 2015, arrivals from Brazil and Argentina have grown around 51% with nearly 30,800 visiting New Zealand.”

Research shows us that the Brazilian market are keen to travel to countries where they can visit beaches and urban areas and experience arts, culture, adventure activities and good wine and food.

New Zealand offers all these things in abundance so it was good to be able to show off a range of regions across the country through the episodes. This supports our work to spread visitation across the country.”

Paula Buarque, director of Lugar Incomum said “It was our first time working with a Tourism organisation and the result was way better than expected. Tourism New Zealand really understood the show and all the stories we filmed were exactly what we were looking for, we’re going to have such a good season.”

Didi Wagner, the show’s host and household name in Brazil, added “The Tourism New Zealand team helped us from the beginning to the end, offering possibilities and working hard for us to have the best experience.”