Ryanair’s fleet grows to 200 aircraft

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06-Sep-2009 Ryanair, the World’s favourite airline, today (6thSept) took delivery of another new Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft from Boeing’s Renton facility in Seattle, USA.

This aircraft brings Ryanair’s operating fleet to 200 aircraft making Ryanair the largest operator of Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft in Europe and the second biggest in the world after Southwest Airlines.

This year Ryanair’s fleet of the youngest, greenest, cleanest aircraft will carry over 67million passengers across Europe on Ryanair’s lowest fares and no fuel surcharge guaranteed seats. Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara said: “Ryanair’s now operates 200 Boeing 737Next Generation aircraft which will carry 67 million passengers this year on over 900 low fare routes across Europe. Ryanair has invested over $12billion in our fleet and we are proud to operate the youngest, greenest and cleanest fleet of any European airline.”