Ryanair rubbishes Ganley's latest lies

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30-Sep-2009 Ryanair today responded to the latest lies from Declan Ganley:

The man who previously said: “he wouldn’t get involved in the second Lisbon campaign” and then did!

The man who previously said if he didn’t get elected as an MEP, he would not be qualified to lead Libertas or a No campaign and then did!

The man who has now resorted to making false claims in order to bolster his increasingly desperate No Campaign.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary, said:

“Mr. Ganley’s false claims about Ryanair and Aer Lingus ignore the following facts:

1. Ryanair has repeatedly confirmed, including at last week’s AGM, that it is ‘highly unlikely’ to make a third bid for Aer Lingus;

2. I have not met, or spoken with Brian Cowen or any other Government Minister about Ryanair’s campaign for a ‘Yes to Europe’ Vote on Friday;

3. This Government and its pals – the Trade Union Bosses – have already refused two Ryanair offers for Aer Lingus; and

4. One of the reasons that Ryanair is campaigning for a ‘Yes to Europe’ Vote is because the Irish Government has over recent months shown itself to be incompetent. Ryanair’s repeated criticism of this Government is not the action of someone trying to persuade them to do anything.

5. Unlike Mr. Ganley, who continues to lie to the Irish People, Ryanair and myself have no interest in politics, will never run for election, are critics of the European Commission, and the Irish Government and yet, we are still calling for a ‘Yes to Europe Vote’ on Friday.

“I urge all Irish Voters to say ‘Yes to Europe’ on Friday, because a Yes Vote, will guarantee that Ireland will keep an Irish EU Commissioner, will keep a veto over our Taxation system; and will piss- off the lobby of losers on the No side, including Sinn Fein, Joe Higgins and Declan Ganley - none of whom have any economic policy for Ireland, and none of whom have created any jobs in this country either”.