French Blue: Reservations Open With A Return Paris-Papeete For Less

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07-Dec-2017 French Blue, the first French long-haul low-cost airline and subsidiary of Groupe Dubreuil, is opening its reservations for flights between Paris-Orly South and Tahiti Faa'a Airport in French Polynesia, via San Francisco in the United States. United. First flight, May 11, 2018 with fares from 64,995 Fcfp (TTC) one way from Papeete to Paris, an AR for less than 130,000 Fcfp.

The company offers a return flight every Saturday and Monday from May 11, 2018 from Papeete, and a third rotation on Thursday in high season (June 18 to October 24, 2018). Tickets are now bookable on the website of the company www.frenchblue.com , as well as at the counter of the company in Paris-Orly South. French blue will also be selling tickets for Paris-San Francisco and Papeete-San Francisco flights, as soon as the US authorities agree.

Marc Rochet, President of French Blue said: "We are very proud to offer this new offer today in the Polynesian sky. The success we have encountered in Reunion has shown that the price is the main trigger of a trip. We are convinced that, thanks to our competitive and quality pricing policy, traffic between the city and French Polynesia will return to strong growth. This will of course be for the benefit of tourism and the local economy, but especially in fine inhabitants of the archipelago. "

An unprecedented tariff positioning for the Polynesian archipelago

French blue offers three types of fares for flights from Papeete to Paris:
- "Basic", from 64,995 XPF one-way, including the cheapest ticket and 12 kilos of carry-on luggage.
- "Smart", from 75 695 XPF one-way, including the ticket, a checked luggage of 23 kilos and a meal.
- "Premium", from 123 395 XPF one-way, with the ticket, booking the seat in Premium blue class and two checked luggage of 23 kilos each.

A digital offer of last generation on board

French blue also gives travelers the opportunity to take advantage of its "iZiWifi" wifi offer to stay connected during their trip. 4 packs are available on board the aircraft, sold in US dollars.
- Hello Pack: 10 minutes for $ 9
- Social Pack: 30 minutes for $ 19
- Geek Pack: 1 hour for $ 29
- Addicted Pack: 4 hours for $ 49

Superior comfort

This new Paris-Orly South - Tahiti-Faaa link will be operated by A350-900 XWB *, the latest Airbus aircraft equipped with the latest aeronautical technologies.

Designed specifically for long-haul flights, the French blue A350 XWB features the latest Airbus innovations for passenger comfort. Cabin pressurization, temperature control and air quality have been redesigned to provide passengers with improved comfort and reduced fatigue. These will evolve in a spacious cabin benefiting in particular from a ceiling height unpublished for a device in this category. In addition, the cabin provides passengers with larger and deeper luggage racks.

Passengers will also appreciate the very low noise level of this new aircraft. State-of-the-art 100% LED mood lighting, capable of recreating daylight and daylighting at the right time, improves the quality of passengers' sleep and reduces the impact of jet lag.

The A350 XWB from French Blue offers two classes of travel and 411 seats on board. "ECO BLUE": 376 economy seats, in leather, with neat services:
- 10 front seats
- A space between the seats of 81 cm
- 25 cm HD touch screen
- Free entertainment program
- PC and USB jacks
- Reinforcement at the lumbar and under the knees
- An adjustable headrest, 4 positions
"PREMIUM BLUE": a premium and private cabin with 35 seats, offering:
- 7 front seats
- A space between the seats of 91cm
- 30 cm HD touch screen
- Free entertainment program
- PC and USB jacks
- A central console
- A footrest and a leg rest with "maxi leg" seats
* XWB Extra Wide Body