AEGEAN carried more than 2.3 million passengers in July and August

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70% growth in passenger traffic Vs 2020, whereas overall load factor and passenger traffic continue to remain behind compared to 2019  

AEGEAN recorded a significant recovery in passenger traffic during July and August carrying more than 2.3 million passengers (+70% growth in passenger traffic compared to the same period in 2020) and offering a total of 3.2 million seats since the removal of travel restrictions, the widespread use of the Digital Green Certificate in the EU and the dynamic tourism restart. 

AEGEAN carried more that 1.2 million passengers through its international network (+108% growth Vs 2020) and more than 1 million passengers in its domestic network (+39% Vs 2020), while it is noted that during July and August, the passengers that the airline carried, exceeded the total numbers in the previous six months/ since the beginning of the year. 

Moreover, the year-on-year load factor, was improved and currently totals to 71,7%. However, the specific index in the respective 2019 period remains behind reaching 87.2% as the international market in terms of flights offered to Greece recovered at a greater level than the increase in passenger demand. 

It should be mentioned that significant increase both in passenger traffic and load factors were recorded on operations to and from Thessaloniki, Heraklion as well as the new base in Corfu.

Dimitris Gerogiannis, AEGEAN CEO said: "Through our network and operations, following the removal of travel restrictions and the implementation of the Digital Green Certificate across the EU, we have contributed the recovery of tourism in Greece.  

Greece is one of the destinations that, compared to other countries, won the bet of recovery. However, the persistence of the pandemic alongside the remaining restrictions on major markets such as Russia, Israel and the UK, had an impact on the load factor. Truth is we have crossed the turning point in passenger traffic recovery, but we certainly still have significant difficulties and uncertainties to face. Our investments continue as planned and we remain cautiously optimistic for the gradual return to the new normality”. 

   July - August 2021 July - August 2020 
Total Passenger Traffic AEGEAN & Olympic Air 
Domestic 1,073,982 +39%
International 1,241,572 +108%
Total network 2,315,554 +70%
Load factor*
Domestic 74.8% +0.7%(pp.)
International 69.2% +4.8%(pp.)
Total network 71.7% +2.2%(pp.)

*Scheduled Revenue passenger km divided by Available Seat km.

This press release was sourced from Aegean Air on 09-Sep-2021.